Since January 1st, 2019 the company UTEK srl has been incorporated by the company CLA srl

Acoustic louvre

The baffles are used to absorb the noise in air conditioning or ventilation ducts.


Acoustic baffles with casing in galvanised steel, thickness 0,6 mm (baffles 200 mm thick), thickness 0,8 mm for other baffles

Acoustic material in mineral wool 60Kg /m³ with protection against erosion by glass fibre, fire resistance M0 and non combustible material used in A,B and class in accordingcouncil directive 96/98/EC on Marine Equipment (Rina)

Acoustic data tested in accordance to ISO 11691 (test report N°142976)

Pressure loss data tested in accordance to ISO 7244 (test report N° 136363)

Noise of sound attenuator tested in accordance to ISO 23741 (test report N° 149877)


SFA : with baffles totally in protected mineral wool, suitable to absorb the noise at medium high frequencies (250÷8k Hz)

SFO : con superficie dei setti rivestita per metà da lamiera zincata, adatti per attenuazioni alle basse frequenze (125 Hz); a richiesta forata a strisce

Baffles thickness 100,200,300 mm with possibility of aerodynamic profile;

Extended metal sheet protection for acoustic material

Plastic and extended metal sheet protection for acoustic material, expecially for hospital, pharmaceutic or microelectronic industries

Other glass fibre protection available

Casing in stainless steel on request