Since January 1st, 2019 the company UTEK srl has been incorporated by the company CLA srl


C.L.A. was established in 1975 as a manufacturer company of air conditioning system components. Among its customers: dealers, air handling units producers and fans producers. Time passed and the factory evolved reaching the industrial dimensions of today. C.L.A. with its 3 buildings covers an area of about 16.900 mq + 3000 mq of logistics. it employes around 160 people which make use of advanced machineries. We propose to the European market as OEMs (Original Equipment Manifacturer) to customize our products for commercial companies distributing them under their own brand, to the AHU producers and a fans producers. In order to meet greater and greater market requests always looking for customized solutions CLA has focused on its technical dep.

… We help our customers to find solutions!



Since 2007 C.L.A. has obtained and maintains ISO 9001. Compliance with the requirements of this provision shows that the system of quality management of the company is recognized as conforming to a standard of excellence. Since March 2021 CLA UTEK has obtained the certification ISO 14001