Since January 1st, 2019 the company UTEK srl has been incorporated by the company CLA srl

01 Jul 16

Alveolar Silencer

The main function of Alveolar silencer is to reduce the noise of the air in the duct. The silencer is composed of glass wool covered by a black fiber glass, thanks to these materials it has gained the fire resistance class A2 certification in according UNI EN 13501-1. Alveolar silencer is packed in flat way, then very low stock and delivery cost, it can be easy assembled by faster snap on site. Alveolar silencer is modular in order to fit the different dimensions of duct. The union between each Alveolar silencer can be made by fastener snap and using adhesive clips it can be fixed on the internal side of a duct



Airflow equalizer

It can be inserted in the air duct even at the end of works, without making any change in the system

Simple installation

Limited volume of packing

Good alternative to buffles usually used in traditional rectangular silencer thanks to the less pressure loss and there fore bigger advantages of system

Flexibility to different dimension of the duct